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Speakers’ Corner


Thanks for the invite to Sunday’s Speakers’ Corner.


Oh! How I miss those days both at The Mound in Edinburgh and Speakers’ Corner in Hyde Park London! 


We didn’t debate much about the US in those days, apart from the general reference to them being ‘over here’ and ‘over-sexed’ as particularly relating to your brave and valiant members of the US Navy, Air Force and Army, who had been there to help out in our fight against that particular scourge of the world.

Our focus was more on the ‘attraction’ of communism- ( I guess we meant Socialism) – as an alternative to the system then in place. Many notable scholars went on to embrace this creed and joined forces with those Nations who practised this method and life-style – particularly Joseph Stalin and his successors.

As we were....?

We were full of!

The other dominant issues included George Orwell’s book – 1984. However the main topic was the fear that China would take over the world because of the large population and the need to improve their ‘quality of life’.

Today it is interesting to note ‘that didn’t happen’ – yet! I guess it was difficult to get many motivated to give up their life in and around the paddy-fields. Apart from Formosa – since renamed-, Chairman Mao and The Cultural Revolution, and their invasion of Tibet, not a lot was heard from that neck of the woods until The Tianemen Square massacre of students, who I think were after some form of freedom? Human Right’s Abuse personified in ‘Spades’ I submit!

Getting right up to date. Most things I buy today are made in China. Transplant organs are in plentiful supply throughout the world – many from US companies- available from the many hundreds still executed for ‘treason’.

Christianity has been given the ‘green light’ by the state and many churches are being opened under ’state licence’. Is this the way of getting the people to rally behind the cause – the new ‘believers with money’? I doubt this will affect the millions still living in abject poverty throughout the rest of the country, unable by law to have children by choice.

Thanks for the opportunity to have my say. As for the Muslims – a few are also busy commiting their own brand of genocide under the supervision of the occupying forces. However it does us well to be aware that throughout history there are many cases of ‘deprived’ peoples revolting against unjust causes. Indeed the US did that themselves against us.

For a little more reading I recommend ‘The Jungle’ by Upton Sinclair. – It’s about life around a Chicago meat packing factory – that was also interesting.

Peace and tranquility to all.

As we will be!

As we will be!

The Old Duck.