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Who do they think they are?

“A mind once stretched by a new idea never regains its original dimensions.” ~~
Oliver Wendell Holmes

I guess the above is uppermost in their thoughts – Bankers that is!

NatWest have started collecting monthly interest charges around 21st of the month following when previously the end of the month. We guess that means we now have to pay twice for our overdraft from last month’s income.

Don’t remember being told or even asked.

Just thought you may have missed this one~

The Budget.. Woweee!

It just happened to be an eye-opening brain numbing exercise in single entry book-keeping.

It is an absolute disgrace that while we are all worried about our daily tasks to make ends meet and project our thinking towards paying the next utility bill, we are bombarded with the story of the Banks’ failures.

The banks failed because of greed and ego. You know – the things that drive the free-market thinkers. Their motto is “screw our fellow mankind, abuse other creatures and enjoy the plunder”.