Can we Operate using People Power?

Or is the following yet another cynical method of social engineering?

Whilst looking for and testing Torridge District Council’s website and suffering the frustation of links not available and the usual problem of guessing which letter of the alphabet the info is filed under we came across this gem. Below is an extract from this freely available on-line publication. You can down-load a copy from here.

1. Communities in control: real people, real power- aims to pass power into the hands of local communities. We want to generate vibrant local democracy in every part of the country, and to give real control over local decisions and services to a wider pool of active citizens.

2. We want to shift power, influence and responsibility away from existing centres of power into the hands of communities and individual citizens. This is because we believe that they can take difficult decisions and solve complex problems for themselves. The state’s role should be to set national priorities and minimum standards, while providing support and a fair distribution of resources.

3. A vibrant participatory democracy should strengthen our representative democracy. The third sector – through charities, voluntary organisations and social enterprises – has much to offer from its traditions of purposeful altruism and selfless volunteering. Equally, we believe that political activity is a worthwhile and essential part of British life, and we want to restore people’s faith in politics.

Let’s get to it and read on ~




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